Sunday, 2 February 2014

Simple Elegant Bed Designs

When it comes to home decorating in 2007, there is one style trend that is guaranteed to dominate the market: simple, yet elegant. What does this mean? Simple, yet elegant furniture designs focus on familiar designs that allow the user to feel comfortable with the piece, but still look fabulous. This style will make modern and contemporary designs quite popular in the coming year. This style goes hand-in-hand with another rising trend, versatile furniture, with most furniture pieces nowadays serving more than one purpose.

For beds, look for something sleek with a low-profile. Platform beds are perfect for this, with their simple, minimalist properties. Moreover, platform beds feature under-bed storage space in order to maximize your floor space and keep your closet and shelves clutter-free. Likewise, leather beds will also be in style, with their sophisticated looks but low key qualities. Add to this leather's renowned durability and it is easy to see why leather beds will be popular in 2007.

For bedroom furniture such as nightstands and dressers, look for pieces that are stylish, but modest, with enough storage to make them practical. Don't go crazy searching for the perfect nightstand. Remember: these pieces should be used to complement the bedroom, not define it, and for this reason, practical considerations should always come first. Bedroom benches will also be making a re-emergence. Many of these are offered in leather or intricate upholstery and feature storage space, making them stylish and versatile.

Lighting is tricky to select, as it can have a tremendous impact on the ambience of the room. Make sure your rooms have enough general lighting so that day-to-day functioning is possible. By the same measure, task and accent lighting can do a world of good and can reinforce our mantra of simple, yet elegant. Imagine a piece of artwork illuminated by a single accent light. Minimalism is key. Play around, and find something that works for your home.

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