Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Black and White Decorating Ideas for kitchen

If you 're looking for a new theme for your kitchen then you may want to consider a retro black and white look. Creating a retro black and white theme can be a great way to decorate your kitchen and give it a unique style. Remember that even though you want your kitchen to be stylish you also want to be comfortable and inviting.

To make your retro kitchen look more authentic , use red as an accent color along with black and white . Adding a touch of red can help to bring some interest and color to the room while still feeling retro .

One of the best choices for kitchen flooring is a retro black and white tiled floor. Creating an alternating pattern of black and white tiles will surely enhance the retro look gives the feel of an old restaurant. If you want to go a cheaper route, looking for laminate flooring that has a checkerboard pattern of black and white. Add accents to the cabinets with silver retro pull handles. If you want to get really creative , you can hand paint your own closet attractive design with geometric boxes or to make them one of a kind.

Today there are many different options for equipment and you can play around with them a bit . Stainless steel appliances would look great in a retro kitchen and in accordance with good style . You can also go with black appliances if you have not used a lot of black in the entire room . Do not think that you have to remain tight for the retro option , you can easily give a retro black and white your kitchen a modern touch.

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