Sunday, 2 February 2014

Table Wood Design

If you have plain wood console tables in your home, you may have found yourself thinking you would like them to be something more.

Chances are you have looked in stores and seen all sorts of other console or sofa tables that have been decorated in a number of ways, and have debated those looks for your home. Plenty of people choose tile or paint as ways to dress up plain wood console tables, but often this really changes the overall look of the pieces to something very different. If you are in love with the wood, but just want them to have a little more oomph, you may want to instead consider having a little wood burning done on the surface to give them personality while still enjoying the look and traits of the wood your tables are made of.

There are two ways you can go about having your wood console tables burned. You can hire someone to do the job for you, or do it yourself. If you are going to hire someone to do it for you, remember this is essentially asking an artist to make a creation for you, and you may have to pay accordingly for such services.

If you like the idea of doing it yourself, you may have a little reluctance to take on such a job. You may be worried that you will completely destroy the tables if you make a mistake. The key to not making a mistake is to do some practice before you do the final work.

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